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Premium Sunless Skin

How it works...

DHA is a clear part of the tanning solution that is sprayed on your body with a mist. Cosmetic bronzers, that will be washed away, are also added to solution. Bronzers give you that instant tan and serve as a guide. DHA works by reacting with amino acids found in the outermost layer of your skin. Once developed, your skin will naturally exfoliate away affected cells which results in a beautiful natural fade. Many factors can effect the development, that is why it is so important to get familiar with the skin prep process and how to take care of your spray tan. Our sunless products all contain high quality ingredients that nourish skin during development time.

Skip Skin Damage

Spray tanning is the only way to tan without damaging your skin. Spray tanning works because a chemical derived from sugar, DHA ( dihydroxyacetone ). DHA  bronzes the skin. No damage! In fact my solutions contain many skin care additives that enhance the skins overall health and appearance.

Every time skin is tanned from ultra violet rays from the sun or artificial sun beds, it damages the cells and future cell growth. This damage accumulates and becomes a high risk of cancer causing cells.

True Custom Color

DHA is now scientifically formulated in colors and bases that can be customized to compliment any skin type. Orange tans are a thing of the past. Organic and ECO friendly ingredients are carefully chosen and blended in solutions of varying bases and stregnth. We will talk about the color you desire, and look at your undertone. From there we blend a solution that is created specially for you.


Free color consultation

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safe for sensitive skin


Sunless Tanning

Each client recieves a true custom blended tan. After our initial skin consultation and a discussion of your preferences for the tan, I will blend your solution immediately before application. Ensuring the perfect tan every session.


Bridal Tan

Your tan needs to be perfect on your special day,  I specialize in color matching, color correcting, contour, face slimming airbrush techniques. The bridal package includes a trial tan before her big day.


Competition Tanning


To book tanning services please contact us to get registered for your event.  Award winning color, unlimited touch ups, oiling, and gluing in a comfortable environment. Premium stage tanning service.

What clients are saying

Pari is a pro! Her spray tans are the best ive ever had done! They last for a good week + (if you follow her instructions!) she makes you look natural and never orange! I used her for my wedding and highly recommend to anyone looking for a flawless spray tan!

I had my first spray tan here with Spray Tan Studio. It was a great experience. She was super sweet and made me feel very comfortable. The tan already looks amazing and should only get better. She give you very specific instruction to follow to keep the best tan possible. Strongly suggest visiting her for your spray tan. I'll be back!

I only use pari for spray tanning, she knows what she is doing and had a ton of tips on skin care. #loyal

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made that experience {competition tanning} that much better!! Loved my color so much. 

I've had a lot of competition tans where I was completely orange, or way too dark and immediately spotted up. I had to get constant touch ups and with Spray Tan Studio I was completely fine and the color looked soo good on stage. 

Pari offer the best custom spray tans I have ever recieved. She always makes sure my tans are perfect for my photo shoots, so the photographers have no skin tone to edit. I am naturally EXTREMELY FAIR & there's no one else I would trust for a light natural looking or a dark as can be (but never orange) tan! She also always does the perfect color. If I say light,it's light, if I ask for medium, it's medium & her fade is the best/most even I've ever encountered!

Not only Is Pari one of the sweetest women I know but she is also dedicated to her profession and won't stop until it's perfect. Her spray tans are flawless and natural looking. You will not be disappointed!!

Pari is absolutely amazing! her spray tans are flawless. I am pale so when I get spray tanned I like a nice glow nothing too dark and she delivered. I used to be afraid of spray tans and now I love them! Pari uses high end product and makes the whole process super comfortable. Highly recommend! 

Pari is awesome! And so helpful and sweet! I'll be back.